torstai 1. elokuuta 2013

Pew pew!

Paljon on tapahtunut. Ehkä isoin asia on ollut muutto Tampereelle tasan kuukausi sitten. Seuraavaksi isoimpana: aloitan jälleen koulunpenkillä. Tällä kertaa vaatetusompelijan opinnot.

Ollaan jännän äärellä.

So, what has happened? Except a lot. The biggest change was moving to Tampere a month ago. And I'm going back to school. Again. I'll start studying to become a clothing seamstress (if the word isn't correct, I'll blame my british firend. It wasn't me, it was him! And I prefer it this way: clothing Sea mistress.<3 )

This is getting quite fashionaiting!

torstai 25. huhtikuuta 2013

Ongelma ratkaistu/problem solved!

So, I'm trying to start writing this blog th9s way: the text is first in Finnish. Then the photos and descriptions in both and then in English. Let's see how this is going to turn out.

So, in Finnish/Suomeksi:

Pohdin ja pohdin ja pähkäilin ja pähkäilin ja tulin siihen tulokseen, että kopioin idean blogista Kootut murut.

Siis sen, miten hoidan tämän kieliongelmani suhteessa blogin kirjoittamiseen. Jotenkin ajatus pelkästä englanninkielisestä blogista häiristi, mutta sitten taas täysin suomeksi kirjoitettu rajaisi teoreettista yleisöä pois aika reippaasti.
Joten tulen kirjoittamaan blogia tästä eteenpäin, kunnes muutan taas mieltäni, molemmilla kielillä.
Tosin sillä erotuksella, että kirjoitan ensin suomeksi, lisäilen kuvat ja loppuun kirjoitan jaksamisen mukaan about saman sisällön englanninkielellä. Dunno, toimiiko tämä idea pitkässä juoksussa, mutta kokeillaan nyt kuitenkin sitä.

Rehellisesti sanottuna, tässä on kaikki mitä minulla on tänään annettavana. Meillä piti olla (osuuskunnan kanssa) pieni myyntipöytä paikallisessa tapahtumassa, mutta se peruttiin joten nyt olen lähinnä ihmetelly ihanaa säätä ikkunan tuolla puolen, rapsutellut koiraa, juonut kahvia ja ihmetellyt että mitä sitä tekisi. Päädyin kirjoittamaan tänne. Ehkäpä nappaan nyt muutaman päivän luettavana olleen Slaughterin Kultaisen saaren ja siirryn sen ja ison teemukin kanssa ulos. Kuulostaa suunnitelmalta, vai mitä? Ja puhun nyt Frank G. Slaughterista. En siitä toisesta joka elää edelleen.
Olen pohtinut jo hetken messu- ja heräteostosystävällistä artikkelia, jossa voisin kuitenkin edes jollain tavoin hyödyntää kultasepänalan artesaanitutkintoani. Viimeviikko menikin näiden parissa. Eilen illalla tosin tajusin, että Kooky Gems tekee jo vastaavia tuotteita, mutta toivon löytäväni omanlaiseni tyylin joka vetoaa myöskin ihmisiin. Kuvassa siis vanhoista LP-levyistä sahattuja kaulakoru ja korvakoruaihioita.
I've been trying to figure out something a bit cheaper to be sold on trade fairs. And maybe to courage to buy stuff without planning it for days or weeks. Last week I spent with these and last night I realized that Kooky Gems does this kind of product too. I'm hoping to find out my personal touch to interest people. Oh and what are these? They are soon-to-be earrings and necklaces made out of old LP-records

Entisen kouluni takana on purkutyömaa, olen jo syksystä lähtien kaavaillut hyväksikäyttäväni tilaisuuden ja kuvaamalla siellä pienen sarjan. Nyt sekä ajoitus, että sääolosuhteet olivat puolellani. Niin ja turhan usein viimeaikoina kotiin jäänyt kamera mukana.
Nearby my former school there is this old house that has become demolition site during the end of last year. I've been planning to do some photoshooting there and finally the weather and timing was on my side. Not to mention the fact that I finally had my camera with me. I've forgotten to take it with for few times more than I had hoped for.

Ensimmäinen mielleyhtymäni oli raunioitunut temppeli kun näin paikan, jossa ennen oli sisäänkäynti tähän puutaloon.
My first association, when I saw the place where used to be the entrance to this once-wooden-house, was ruined temple. 

Niin ihastuttava. Ummmmm. Ilme. Yleensä hymyilen kuin joku idiootti, joten tänään sain aikaiseksi vain irvistyksiä...
Such a lovely. Ummmm. Face. I always smile like some idiot, so today I only got  these grinns...

In English

First I must apologize that this post doesn't include any kind of true content. But finally I was able to make up my mind about how to write this. Writing fully on English felt a bit clumsy, since it's not my mother tongue. But then again using only Finnish would line down the (hopefully-to-be) readers a lot. So from now on I'll start with Finnish, then some photos and after that I'll do my best to write it down in English too. The cpations will be the same way: first in Finnis and then in English.

And to be honest. That's all I had to say today. We were supposed to have a trade fair or so, of some sort today, but it got cancelled and after that I've just been wondering what to do today. I ended up drinking loads of coffee, scratching the dog, enjoying the weather (outside the wondow, yes, I'm that sad humanbeing) and writing this down. Hmmm. Maybe I'll take that Frank G. Slaughter I've been reading for few days (the Golden Isle) and go outside with it and a huge mug of tea. Sounds like a plan?


torstai 18. huhtikuuta 2013

Bang baby, bang!

Dramatic, right?

I'm dying with the decision of whether to use English or not.

The problem is. Some stuff can't be written in English because of the differences in languages, but then again I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable with Finnish either. Can I just sign to you?

Like this:


Did it work?

I thought so too.

Sharing love is easy, it doesn't need any language, not written, not spoken. But anything else except some feelings are extremely hard to share without any words. I mean. I could try to play Pictionary here too?

I think I'll just use it all to make a beautiful mess. I mean. It's my blog and my rules!

My parents should have done better work. Nah, they tried their best. I'm just hopeless case.

Yours truly, I thought that I smiled, but then again, no.8D 

So today we went to Eura to shop some goodies at Sar-Machine Oy. Yesterday my last thought (before falling to sleep) was TAKE CAMERA WITH YOU. I should have made myself to do it, but I just couldn't. My bed was too soft. So, I forgot it. Getting up before seven was quite early for me. I'm glad I made it.

Did some (more) shopping (than I was going to), but got only stuff that I r e a l l y need. Mostly tools. Some "hand held steel based manual cutting devices"(as one of my friend described 'cause I felt like saw blade is too dull word to be used) for my saw, aka blades. And well. Stuff.8D

The Stuff. And yes, that's my extremely fashionable work chair that is covered  with spots of "leopard" and some crochet. Sadly you can't see the extremely fashionable green color it has. And don't worry if you don't get the stuff that's there, neither do I. I just know that I need those.

Next week our co-operative (from now on I'll be calling it coop) is having a table at local rummage sale. Last time we had a table at Designtori. It wen well, I mean. I got one pair of earrings sold.<: I should be more active 'tou.

1. Photograph all my works. (haven't still done it)
2. Do it well, more better than to this point.
3. And update the stuff I've done. Still a lot to learn. I'm on my way.

So that's why I'll be (hopefully) working this weekend. To make some cheaper items to fit my "It's used? Use it again"-philosophy.

Basically I love blogs with loads and loads of photos, and still mine is turning out more than just filled with horrible ranting.

Try to be patient. I try to remember to shoot the fuck up. I mean, to photograph it all.


your, well, me.

torstai 11. huhtikuuta 2013


Honestly, it should say "IOLO"


And it's a fact.

One friend saw me last week. She said that I looked "purposeful" while walking.

Few days later it hit me. I'm the exact opposite.

When I was something around 16, I had goals. Nothing specific, but IDEAS of what I should do with my life. What I'd want to be and to become.

I lived. Outside.

Right now I'm just floating. No, that's a lie. Floating would mean that I'd feel somewhat free.

I'm stuck. That's what I am.

And browsing the webz. One friend called me the meme-lady. Because I know my memes. Not as well as some may think. But way too well anyways.

I've graduated about 5 months ago. It's almost half of a year. I'm still stuck in this tiny place I call home 'cause I've lived here long enough to get used to the neighborhood and the life has got experienced.

I'm not satisfied with the way things are.

I'm not bored. I've got plenty to do.

It's not the problem.

The problem is, I don't know what to do with the time I've been given.

This is my life.

I don't want the IOnlyLivedOnline to be my last thought when this all ends.

I'd prefer it to be something like this. When I still had a life. Photo taken by my awesome, talented friend.

This is my statement for living.





maanantai 25. maaliskuuta 2013

Tits and asses and dicks

Have I recieved your attention?


So, what's bothering me right now? Last month they had a Finnish animeconvention in Lahti called Desucon. I wasn't there and that's not what I'm going to rant about, but after that event social media got a bit nasty here, in Finland, for a while it seems. I didn't follow it completely and because of that some might think that I don't have any right to even talk about it.  But when tits and asses are the topic I get quite curious.
After a while, trying to find out who did what and why someone got upset, I got bored with it. There was just an opinion against another. No matter how carefully you plan (or avoid planning) your lecture, someone might be offended by something you said. And that someone has complete right to do that and leave the lesson.

What started bothering me, is that feminism has still the stamp of ugly and hypocritical -ism. And I don't actually wonder why, not anymore.
The comic that started it all can be read here: Hourly comic for Desucon by Hanna-Pirita
It's in Finnish, and I apologize that I won't translate it all. (Now when I think of it, I should have written this in Finnish 'cause my English is, well, anything but fluent but then again my subject is extremely international)
So, how it all goes? First the artist goes to meido cafe to check if she could see any panties. Later, after the lesson where she felt that female body was taken as an object containing only tits and ass, and was sad about it, she realizes that the person in meido cafe might have felt that way too. To that point I'm fine. She has realized her "mistake". And then she hears that there is going to be a lesson (or something, it really doesn't matter and the comic doesn't tell) about relationships between homosexual men aka yaoi. She gets excited about it. I'm not sure what kind of yaoi-stuff they had there, but if you've ever read any yaoi, you might be familiar with the fact that yaoi isn't what you'd call realistic. At least not the stuff you can get here. At least what I've read. I might be wrong, of course. But in yaoiculture here in Finland there is quite a lot nudity, extremely fit/skinny bodies, totally gorgeous faces and some crossdressing too.

Now we're getting to it.

So basically, what she says is that it's wrong to take female body as an object, 'cause someone might not like it, but it's ok to do that to men. At least I see no difference between half-naked women and men. But then again, that might be just because of my sexuality.

I'm a huge, well, let's not say fan but somethin like that, of pornographic stuff like drawings and paintings. I don't like pornfilms that much, but stuff like superhero comics (what else are the costumes, but sexy outfits?), burlesque-ish photography, pin-up etc. you name it, I'll probably like it.
As a woman I don't feel like an object because of the unrealistic superhero paintings and drawings.
(What I don't like is the image of femalebody that fashionindustry tries to feed us. I don't like the stereotypical female character in anime either. But that's just my o p i n i o n. It doesn't insult me, as long as people don't expect all women be like that. If you feel that "kawaii" is your thing, then so be it.)

But the problem starts when people start to act like someone is an object. If you think that someone is hot, no problem, talk about it among your friends or fan sites. But going to someones skin just because s/he looks hot in what-ever-wearing, it's wrong
Some say, that because of the over-sexual world we're living in right now, the boundaries have started to fade. I know that some people complain about people staring at them when they are wearing bikinis, but then they do the same to men wearing shorts. Then they point out that the one looking at them was around his (mostly) fourtysomething. But the fact is, that it's not illegal to watch someone, who is grown up, on the beach. And if you look attractive, someone you might not consider hot may end up looking at as well. And before someone gets mad, the same goes with men/what ever you call your gender, checking can't be stopped, but anything that goes beyond that should.

The solution that has been suggested is that the bikini ads etc should be removed from the streets and mags and that women(or men). We should get less sexual.
I don't see that as an option. Rapes happen in every culture, and no matter how much clothes you wear, someone will consider it as sexy. Not so long ago showing your anckle was (at least almost) an invitation to sex. No matter how little you show, something is considered always as "fucking hot" or even slutty behaviour.
To be honest. I'm glad that I can wear short shorts and bikinis. I wouldn't go back in time, no matter how much I adore rococo clothing and many many other historical styles.
But by saying, that the problem is in the way we dress nowadays, people sound just plain ridiculous. Why? Read this paragraph again.

I'm not sure if I made any sense here, but I've started to understand why feminism is considered as hypocritical way of thinking or even women trying to overrule men in turn.

Still, I prefer calling myself a feminist, eventhough I draw tits, asses and dicks. And I don't feel like I'd be tired of being an object.
Have you ever heard a song called: "Are you tired of being an object?" by the Ark? If you haven't, you really should listen it.

Ps. I know that I've got too many subjects and too little about each in one update, but I just wanted to gag it all out in one. Sorry if I ended up with a mess.

torstai 21. maaliskuuta 2013

Babble babble, bitch bitch

First I must apologize, this post will be just random babble without anything that would interest you. But I just have to write it down to get it off my mind. I'm annoyingly obsessed person. With "have to"s. So to make that up for you, I'll add few photos in the end. Whether you are interested in or not.8D  If you ARE interested in, you are free to scroll down. Now.

So, guess what? I got sick again. Last week strated with 39C fever. It was gone with in few days and got replaced with annoying cough. So I spent the week doing nothing (read: reading, internet and loads and loads of sleep). And the mood kinda sticks. So I haven't started the project LR (limb restraint in case you've forgotten, if there is anyone out there). Haven't even thought about it.
Also, I'm hoping I'm able to move within next, hmmmm, six (?) months. I'm not too hopeful about it 'tou. I should work harder to find a flat. A job is the other option but since I've got friends who have been unemployed for a long long time I'm can't say I'd be too hopeful about that.

So what have I been up to then (besides job&flat hunting)? I've been cleaning. For your information, I hate cleaning. I'm not filthy person, but dusty yes and quite messy too. I wouldn't be that messy if I had a little less stuff. And that's what I've been working on for for months and months. It's a slow process since I've collected this amount of stuff during my lifetime.
Last summer I had the exactly same furniture and decorative items I've had for almost over 10 years. Yeah, you read that correctly. Some for longer time, some for a bit lesser. I had these huge, mahogany-coloured bookshelves that I bought with my dad longlong time ago, and a workingdesk that was bought at the same time.
I loved the shelves, but they were annoying when moving. AND, what's more important, they had eaten a h u g e amount of stuff that I didn't actually even need or want anymore.

I just had got used to that stuff.

So, when my ex, that was living almost next door, said that she was moving to another city and didn't have the room for the diningtable I had designed and our friend had made (he's graduated as carpenter) things started rolling. It didn't come to anyanyany question that it would be sold or given away. As I love huge, large furniture, it just so happened to be that it was almost the same size as my old table that was about to fall apart anyways. So, the diningtable of my dreams moved to live with me. And then I started to dream about getting rid of the shelves too. It started this prjoect I've been doing during the winter.
I've managed to get rid of huge pile of stuff. Still a lot to go trough though. But I'm woring on it.

My biggest problem is, that when I get an idea, ANY idea. I have to do it. Immidiately. So, I've known for a long time that my storage room downstairs needed to be cleaned too. And few days ago I made up my mind, the time is now.

So yesterday, instead of doing it, I started to avoid it (and that's the second problem, avoiding fullfilling the boring ideas you just have to do). Instead I ended up trying to relocate my furniture. It didn't work out. So I put everything back to their places. BUT I did manage to clean the floor (vacuuming AND washing,  I just don't do that) and organize my coffee table which I hardly ever do either.

But, no matter how hard you try to avoid the stuff you want to do, you have to do it in the end. So today I spent going trough some boxes of stuff, five full ones turned into two. Not bad. For a start. There are still quite many more to go trough. But first I need to make myself to drag those to a local trift store. It's not that far away, a kilometer or so, but I tend to forget what I was going to do when I'm going to do it. It wouldn't be the first time when I go out to take something to somewhere and realize halfway that I had forgotten, what ever I was going to take, home.

Hopefully, at some point, I'll be a person with less random & useless stuff and more that I really need and want to own.

(Btw, do you know anyone around here who would want to buy an old piano?)

And here are the photos:

"Human, you may leave now. At least one of us must work!" she said nodding above my colouring pencils, being as approbative about those as a dachshund can be. She would have created art, larger than life, if she only had thumbs. But because she doesn't, she ended up on the floor and I kept on using pencils myself.
When you look up, up, up you see blue sky and can almost imagine snow has melted enough for me to use more narrow (?) heels.<:
I had to take a selfie the day when I went to sign under a citizens' initiative about equal rights to marriage no matter what your sexual orientation is. And I'm so sorry if I got that wordmons wrong.>: Feel free to correct of ask more of what I thinkt I wrote there.8D
Almost no ice at all! And don't get me wrong, I love winter too. I just feel like I could have use for a spring now.
Today I woke up when a mailman brought a letter from my schoolmate. It had this note saying "Surpriseeeee" and some evil laughter after that. Few days earlier she had asked for the adress of our other friend to send her a surprise. I had no clue that i was going to get one too.<3

So, this evening most of the puffy stickers ended up decorating my iPod and cell. And now they look like a 5-year-old kid would own them. Purrrfect. And one of the best parts was that she had sent that to me using a stamp with Krista Kosonen, who is an amazing Finnish actor (I know, I sould say actress) and well, hot too.

SO, that's for todays pointless post. I hope the next one will have more interesting content. Btw, how do I end the caption and get back to "normal writing"? !PLEH I NEED !PLEH

tiistai 5. maaliskuuta 2013

Josko suomea välillä and in English in the end

Eli tasapainoilen tässä ongelman 'suomi vai englanti' kanssa. Toisaalta houkuttaisi kirjoittaa englanniksi. Saisi harjoiteltua kieltä. Toisaalta suomenkieli on ihana ja yhtälailla sitäkin pitää käyttää jotta oppii paremmaksi. Ja huolettaa jääkö teksti latteaksi jos kirjoittaa vieraalla kielellä. Ja jos ei kirjoita, niin jääkö hienoja tuttavuuksia solmimatta.

Valintoja, valintoja. Minä en osaa tehdä ratkaisuja. Joten luultavasti tulen tasapainoilemaan tämän ongelman kanssa hamaan hautaan saakka.

Mistä pääsenkin seuraavaan ongelmaan (eli päätöksiin). Ostin viime viikolla Facebookin Goottikirppikseltä kassillisen lepositeitä. Hain ne tänään postista. Haaveissa olisi tehdä ainakin yhdestä vyötärökaitale hameeseen ja muutamasta osasta jotain harnessin ja bustierin väliltä. En ole vielä ehtinyt ajatella asiaa kovin pitkälle. En halunnut tehdä suuria suunnitelmia ennenkuin saisin osat käsiini ja näkisin mihin niistä oikeasti on ja tänään tosiaan vasta hain ne.

Mallailin vähän kappaleita peilin edessä, mutta päätin etten lyö mitään ideaa vielä lukkoon vaan nukun yön yli ja sovittelen useampana päivänä osia eri tavoilla, jotta löytyy se paras käyttö kullekin kappaleelle. Sen verran tuhtia tavaraa nuo lepositeet, että muotolaskoksia ei kannata edes haaveilla ilman purkamista ja jostain syystä tahtoisin käyttää ne mieluummin sellaisenaan, kuin lähteä purkamaan paloiksi. Houkuttaisi myös säilyttää ja käyttää hyväksi alkuperäiset tarrakiinnitykset. Tutkailen huomenna onko leparit tikattu miten ja saako niistä purettua ns pehmustevuorta, joka on jotain tympeää keinokuitua, irti ilman että ulkonäkö kärsii.

Oman haasteensa tuo myös siteiden väri joka on suhteellisen täyteläinen ja lämmin tummahko suklaanruskea. En ole käyttänyt ruskean mitään sävyä vaatteissa sitten kahdeksannen luokan jos ei lasketa mukaan nahkakenkiä ja turkkeja. Toisaalta siteiden sävy on sellainen jota en ole käyttänyt koskaan. Peruskoulussa, tuolla pahamaineisella kasiluokalla, paletti oli enemmän beigen ympärillä pyörivä.

Asuntoni valaistuksesta johtuen en edes yritä ottaa tänään kuvia siteistä. Niiden väri ei kuitenkaan tallentuisi oikein eikä suorasalamalla räiskiminen houkuta muutenkaan koskaan.
Kokeilen huomenna päivällä kuvailla niitä ja laittaa vaikka paperille luonnosta siitä mitä suunnittelin niistä tekeväni. Tosin ehkä. Heikko ehkä koska vihaan skanneriani ja *blablabla*


And (almost) same in english.

I've got quite a lot difficulties with deciding whether to write in Finnish or English. As Finnish is my mother tongue and my English is anything but fluent it is haaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrd. If I decide to write in English I fear that I end up sounding insipid and if I decide to go on with Finnish I might not get in touch with all the great personalities I could when writing in English.

So probably in the end I write with both languages and cofuse everybody, including me. I can't make decicions.

Which leads me to the original subject I had in my mind today. Last week (while I was in flue and had quite high fever too) I bought from one Facebook flea market a pile of old limb restraints for my future DIY projects. I wasn't sure, when I bought them, what I was going to end up making of them since I didn't know for sure what they'd be like. Today I picked them from a post office.

I "tried them on" in front of the mirror earlier today and it seems that I'm going to make at least one skirt using one of the l(imb) r(estraint)s for the waist and few lrs for a harness/bustier-like piece. Although I have thought of making "just" a shirt instead of a harness. That way it would be more usable for me since I don't own  brown clothes.
 The colour of lrs brings new kind of problems for me. I wouldn't want to dye them 'cause the colour is beautiful, deep and warm darkish chocolate.
Then again only brown things I own are few pairs of shoes and my fur coats. I haven't used any brown things after eight grade. Although back then I used mostly beige etc, so this is completely new shade for me.  Anyways, I'm quite sure I won't dye them. I'll just make few pieces that can be used as clothes.

WHICH leads me to a new problem: the material is quite thick and the lining is something horrible soft-ish synthetic fiber. But then again I wouldn't want to end up unstitching it totally. I'll have to check it better tomorrow.

Because of the amount of light in my flat I didn't want to take crappy photos today, so I'll try tomorrow in the daylight. Maybe I'll include few scetches of my ideas too. Weak maybe 'cause my scanner is annoying to use and *whinewhinewhine*

So, I'll be back!